Feb 3, 2020

Pizzaiolo on the Cruise Ship MSC Divina has got skills!

Not only was the pizza great on a recent cruise I took on the MSC Divina, but watching it being made was just as entertaining ..

Feb 1, 2020

MSC Cruise line's private island.. Ocean Cay

MSC was only founded in 1989, but is already the world's largest independently owned cruise line.  Even though they're a huge global cruise line from overseas, they are trying to better establish themselves in the U.S. market.  Whilst doing so, they're offering some great prices on cruises, so my bride and I decided to give them a try and sailed recently on the MSC Divina.  It was an incredibly beautiful ship and we had a wonderful time. 

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting MSC's very own private island called Ocean Cay.  Below is a video of a walkaround we did on this beautiful island.  At the time of this post, the island has only been open to the public for just under one month.  Its a very young looking island with thousands of new freshly planted trees and vegetation, but is incredibly stunning.  I can't wait to see what it looks like in a few years.  Yes, MSC impressed us so much, I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be going on more MSC cruises in the future.

Jan 23, 2020

I ate Masala Cup Noodles from India.. and was shook.

I don't eat an awful lot of instant Ramen these days.  I do however indulge from time to time, and this variety caught my attention while shopping in an Indian supermarket the other day.

The big 'Paneer' emblazoned on the front of the cup caught my eye first, followed by the Black Widow and Avengers cross promotion, and then finally the phrase 'Paneer Butter Masala'.

I love Indian food, and sometimes when a craving strikes, I simply go without. I had no clue that cup noodles had Indian varieties available. I grabbed a couple off of the shelf,  And into my cart they went.

Now going in.. I didn't expect much from this cup of noodles, but I've gotta say I was really impressed. Upon opening the package I couldn't help but be surprised, as I saw something made out of plastic sitting atop the noodle block..

How convenient.. a folding eating utensil!

In all my years of dining on all manner of noodles in instant form.. I had never come across one that included an eating utensil. The plastic fork inside was folded flat. It snaps open when unfolded, and snaps yet again to a rigid state.  It was quite nice not having to dirty another piece of silverware, and I ended up saving the fork as an emergency utensil for my lunch Box.

The noodles are pretty much prepared the same exact way as any other pot noodle.  Even though I liberally stirred these noodles after their 3 minute soak time, in the future I will transfer everything to a bowl so as to mix it better.   The reason being, there was still a lot of paneer at the bottom of the cup in addition to what you see here.  There are also more spices and ingredients at the bottom of the cup that thicken the broth even more, making it more reminiscent of a curry.

As for the taste, it was pretty Dang good! Mind you, it's not like a fresh cooked Indian meal, but is a decent simile, and is definitely good enough to curb an Indian food craving in a pinch.  For sure, it's miles ahead of its bland cousins we've come so accustomed to see in in most supermarkets here in the states.

The reason I definitely won't be indulging in this variety of noodles very often, has to do with the nutritional value. While it has half the fats and more protein than your garden variety of Cup Noodles, it has 200 more calories, more sugar, and 20 more grams of carbs!  I was curious to see some more stats, but as you can see, the nutrition labels are quite different in India.

It's a shame really, because I would love to stock these in my cupboard for when the odd Indian food craving strikes, but during my recent trek to get and stay healthy, I've learned carbs and sugar are my biggest enemies.  However, that won't stop me from trying intriguing ramen varieties I come across in the future, and if/when I cave.. I will share my findings here.

Aug 22, 2019

Get your 'New Coke' Before it's gone for another 34 years

If you haven't got yourself a can of New Coke yet.. you'd better hurry.  Coca-Cola announced this week that it will no longer be available for purchase after Labor Day.  I went ahead and ordered another collector's pack, which now gives me several cans for future consumption, and a couple for my Coca-Cola collection.

I really do hope they keep it alive in some form, even if it's only at their Coca-Cola Stores for sampling.  The public's response to New Coke on their website and social media was way more positive this summer than it was back in 1985, and quite frankly.. it shocked me.  I hope it shocked Coca-Cola as well, and they decide to give it a longer run or future re-release in some form.

Buy New Coke Here

Aug 14, 2019

Review: Re-release of NEW COKE for STRANGER THINGS 3


Here it is folks, I finally got around to posting my review of the re-release of NEW Coke.  This is the second taste test and comparison I've performed on this product (the first was back in 1985).

So it all started when I saw this very retro 80s looking computer message on the Coke website.  My heart skipped a beat when I learned Coca-Cola was once again releasing NEW Coke!

I got online, ordered a couple collector's packs, and anxiously awaited for them to come in the mail.  Below is a picture of exactly what you get..  Coca-Cola Classic and Coke Zero limited edition Stranger Things 3 bottles, and two cans of NEW COKE.

I assembled the family for dinner on the night of the Stranger Things 3 premier, and we performed our very own taste test of Coca-Cola Classic vs. NEW COKE.

So what was the verdict?  The same as it was back in the day.  I liked it!  Just not nearly as much as Classic Coca-Cola, and definitely not as much as Lucas Sinclair loved it in Stranger Things.

The New Coke tasted more syrup-y and had considerably more carbonation that really takes its time to subside.  It had a wee bit of an aftertaste, but not bad at all.  Classic Coke has more of a caramel-y flavor, just the right amount of carbonation, and well.. that Classic taste.

The general consensus amongst my brood, was that it was good.. just not as good as the Coca-Cola Classic. It really is a solid cola in my opinion, if you like your soda really sweet.   It's actually a soda I would buy from time to time if Coca-Cola decided to re-release it on a long term basis.  I can especially foresee this soda making a great alcohol mixer.  Maybe I'll get a chance to experiment with it if Coca-Cola listens to the masses of NEW COKE fans that are begging for a re-release of the product.  Yup.. it kind shocked me too.

There was such a public backlash back in 1985 when NEW COKE was re-released. I still swear the whole product release was a conspiracy / strike of marketing GENIUS!  And I'm not the only one who believes that.

What are your thoughts?  Do you feel the same way about the original release?  Did you dig NEW COKE or hate it?  You can read about my thoughts on the original release and conspiracy theory here.

Star Wars themed Coca Cola Bottles from Galaxy's Edge

I'm a huge fan of Coca-Cola.  I'm also a lifelong Star Wars fanatic. Therefore, the cross promotion between Coca-Cola and Disney for the new Galaxy's Edge section of the Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park, produced the ultimate collectible for fans like myself.

My Coke, Diet Coke, & Sprite bottles from 'Batuu' at Galaxy's Edge in Florida.

These three guys are for my personal Coca-Cola / STAR WARS collection, so I will not be cracking them open, but I will definitely buy some for consumption on a future visit to Batuu very soon!  

Coca Cola has given me lots to be happy about this year.  First, a Stranger Things cross promotion, and now this.  What's next?  The folks in the creative and marketing departments at Coca-Cola are definitely doing a bang up job, and I can't wait to see what they come up with in the future.

Aug 13, 2019

The Flintstones coming to MeTV!!

59 years to the DAY.. the Flintstones will be making their network debut once again on September 30th 2019.. only this time around on MeTV!  I'm super excited about this development, as my whole family are huge Flintstones fans!  My bride and myself grew up on them, as did my own children, and it will be great to be able to stream them into our home without paying extra to do so.  Back-to-back episodes will air Monday-Friday at 6 p.m. ET/5 p.m. CT.  

MeTV (an acronym for Memorable Entertainment Television) is an American broadcast television network and marketed as "The Definitive Destination for Classic TV," the network airs a variety of classic television programs from the 1950s through the early 1990s.  Available on most cable networks, it's also available on free satellite TV and has a reach of about 91% of the population.

Visit MeTV Online