McDonald's News. This could be trouble (for me)

New McDonald's coming in Clermont, Florida
Breaking Ground for a new McDonald's
(Eagle Ridge, Clermont Florida)

The closest McDonald's to me is currently 2.9 miles away from my home. However, as you can see by the picture above, they have broke ground on a new store in the Clermont area of Florida. The distance of this new McDonald's is only one mile from my home. Crap.

I say 'Crap' because now I will have TWO McDonald's within three miles of my front doorstep. I have greatly changed my eating habits over the last couple of years, only eating Mc Donald's on occasion, but I know myself. If the craving strikes for a late afternoon burger and shake, I'm going to have to work on bolstering my willpower.

These days, McDonald's only really gets my hard earned money for breakfast. The McDonald's down the road is actually more convenient for that, as it's right on the way to work and incredibly easy to get in and out of. While this new McDonald's is not easily accessible going to work, it will be the last fast food stop on the way home, right before I turn into my neighborhood. It's also smack dab in the center of the area where I run most of my errands.

Will this really equate to me consuming more McDonald's fare? Sadly, I'm afraid so. I get the occasional craving for several McDonald's menu items. Below is the breakdown..
McMuffins, McGriddles, Chicken Biscuits & McBagels
Craving consistency: Daily during my morning commute

Regular Hamburger
Craving consistency: Bi-weekly

Craving consistency: Once a year

Big Mac
Craving consistency: Twice a year

Double Quarter Pounder & Triple Cheeseburger
Craving consistency: Once a year

Chicken McNuggets w/honey
Craving consistency: Once a year

Egg Nog, Strawberry and Shamrock Shakes
I used to think about McDonald's shakes probably on a weekly basis. However, I have become adept at fighting off those cravings largely in part to the machines always being broken. 

So while a week never passes without McDonald's entering my mind in some way, I have gotten really good at fending off the thoughts and cravings, mainly because of a healthier diet I've adopted. However, having a McDonald's that's practically a stone throw away, is going to challenge my willpower.

I'll do my best to hang in there with my healthier lifestyle. Just for kicks, I may pop in for the grand opening, and write a subsequent blog post about it. Stay tuned for that one. I'm thinking the new store will be up and running well before spring.