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Hello and welcome to TheRetroDad.com

The Retro DadMy name is Darrin Vindiola. I'm a child of the 70s and 80s, have an affinity for most things retro, and have been blogging and creating websites with original content since 1996. TheRetroDad.com serves as my home base online. The site is dedicated to my vast array of interests, most of which have a common denominator of retro goodness.

Through the years, my writing has focused on many topics such as food, toys, Disney, bicycling, travel, tiki, and pop culture, just to name a few. I've had several online articles and content gain national exposure in the media, and also had the honor of one of my web-sites being featured in a two year traveling exhibit to many of the nation's colleges and libraries. One constant however, has been a big focus on the retro aspect of my greatly varied interests. So much so, that friends in my personal and online social circles have given me the moniker 'The Retro Dad', a title I've come to adopt with great honor.

This site serves as my online home and gateway to everything else I do online.  I love the medium of writing, but am not so old school that I won't bend to the new ways people receive their online content. Therefore, web videos and social media will definitely play a larger part in this site's future. Thank you for taking the time to swing by, and I hope you enjoy the content housed within the site.

'The Retro Dad' was created and is ran by Darrin Vindiola Sr.  The site primarily focuses on nostalgic and retro news, reviews, and editorials, encompassing all manner of topics. Occasionally I may perform sponsored reviews in which I might receive reimbursement, but I will always state this in said reviews. Opinions are my own, and I take pride in giving my honest and truthful opinion about everything I review. If you would like to work with me on a project or promotion, by all means contact me. Click here to view our privacy policy.