My name is Darrin and I am unapologetically a lifelong pizza fanatic. Pizza has always been a huge part of my life. In fact, the first memory I have of eating involves pizza. 

I guess my fanaticism stems from my parents. They were both around when Pizza hit the scene and was new to the United States. They fell in love at first bite, and that love transferred to me by default. I always remember it being a huge part of my life for as long as I remember.

Growing up, my family laughed, cried, celebrated, socialized, and had deep and meaningful conversations over pizza. My extended family would gather on weekends and go out with sometimes twenty people in tow to places like Shakey's, Straw Hat Pizza. and numerous other establishments for an evening of socializing over pizza. 

The family would also gather at our house and my Mother and Aunt would craft wonderful pizzas in huge rectangular pans. I can still vividly remember the smell of the dough rising, as well as the freshly baked pies coming out of the oven.

The Retro Dad Pizza Shrine
I have worked in a pizzeria as a delivery guy and later on making pies. I've been honing my pizza making craft at home for years, tweaking my dough and sauce recipes, all the while keeping detailed notes along the way. I collect pizza related items, and study the history and fine art of pizza making. I go on daycation type excursions to seek out new pizzerias and to try new pizza varieties. Pizza is deeply ingrained in my life, and having raised a family of my own, I think the same thing can be said for my brood.

I've written for several hobby, food, lifestyle blogs & websites since 1996. One constant, has been that pizza always seems to somehow creep into the content I produce. I have many varied interests and hobbies, and I very much consider my passion for pizza a hobby in itself.  Any and all pizza related content I write, will first be shared on the main page of, and will be archived under the 'PIZZA REVIEWS' and 'RETRO PIZZA' sections.

The Retro Dad at Roma Pizza, Greeley Colorado

Some side notes about this particular Pizza Fanatic/Addict

  I am not 'Pizza Snob' in any shape, way, or form. Therefore I do not tout certain pizza styles as being superior to others. I understand that one's taste in pizza can be very subjective, so I will never use this blog as an avenue to bash others pizza preferences. I myself am an equal opportunity pizza eater who likes all kinds of pizza, and will try most anything once. In the end, If a pizza tastes good to you.. then it's a 'Good Pizza'.

2.)  I am not a 'Pizza Critic'. Most certainly, my taste will differ from others out there. I will always try to objectively review pizzas, and share detailed findings.  Also, you will not find any negative reviews on establishments here. There's already too much negative and toxic crap out there on the internet, nor do I believe in messing with anyone's livelihood. Therefore, I only focus on sharing information about the best pizzerias I come across in my travels. 

Do you have any pizza recommendations in Colorado, Florida and beyond? If so.. please let me know! 
Whether it be pizzerias, frozen brands, or even gas station pizza.. I am always up to try something new.