How to get 50 FREE Big Macs.. ( in 1977 )

I came across this 1977 newspaper clipping from my hometown newspaper The Fort Collins Coloradoan. The appliance store 'downing's' was having a huge sale and were offering coupons for free Big Mac's to get people in the door. Basically, the more you spent, the more Big Mac's you would score, with the chance of accumulating a maximum of 50 Big Macs total. Behold..


A closer look at the 'Free Big Mac' Redemption chart..

Free Big Mac Redemption Formula

I miss the days when businesses had deals like these. It was great going out to buy something you needed anyway, and getting something extra in return. In this case, you could go buy an appliance or television, and be able to get dinner for your family several times over!

Just another example how businesses used to fight for your business. Nowadays, they know people are going to spend money with them regardless, so they won't even bother spending one extra cent to get your attention. 

I love viewing old advertisements from the recent past. The culture of shopping has changed so much since the 70s. Don't even get me started on prices. I loved seeing how ten Big Macs had a retail value of $7.50! I'm seriously considering featuring more ads like this on a regular basis, so keep an eye out..