I found my 'forever mug' last week in Colorado


Bigfoot Mug

This Bigfoot Obsessed Retro Dad found his forever mug last week while visiting Colorado. I procured this beautiful ceramic mug in Old Town Fort Collins at a store called 'The Cupboard'. It was made by a Colorado company called 'Two Little Fruits'. It's a beefy 20 ounce mug that keeps my coffee warm, and holds plenty of it.


I remember there being reported Bigfoot sightings in the Red Feather Lakes area of Larimer County when I was a kid. In the years since, I've noticed that Fort Collins and much of Colorado for that matter, are really leaning into that very Bigfoot lore.

You never know what wonders you'll find while shopping in Old Town, which is why I always make a trip there whenever I'm in town. My last few trips have garnered some great Bigfoot finds, and I will be keeping a sharper eye out for more next time I visit.