This is not MY Bit-O-Honey Bee mascot

What in the Wide World of Sports is this?!?
New bit-o-honey candy bee
I'm not SO retro that I'm against updating an advertising mascot's look, but what they have done to my Bit-O-Honey Bee is the complete opposite of a glow up. 

Who thought this was a good idea? Everyone I have showed this new mascot is bewildered. In fact, "Horrifying" and "weird" are responses I've gotten from folks.

bit-o-honey candy bee

Mind you.. Bit-O-Honey is far from my favorite candy, but it's always been there and I vividly remember it being one of the first candies I ever ate as a wee young lad. That cute little Bee became synonymous with good feelings and was always comforting to see like an old friend.

I guess people get like this with mascots even more so when it comes to brands they really love. The Cookie Crisp mascot is a good example. People love familiarity and associate it with comfort, and don't often take kindly when you turn that upside down or in this case, outright obliterate it.. not even leaving a trace of what you adored for life.

I don't know why the change of this cute little mascot for a candy that passes my lips every few years shook me up so much, but it did. Maybe I should tag this post under 'Old Man Rants'.