Dec 18, 2014

Adventures in thirft store shopping

You never know what wonders you may come across when shopping at thrift stores.  Here's some pics from one of my recent thrifting excursions..

 I miss the old Disney albums

Classy Ice Bucket just like Mom and Dad used to own

Stanley Steamer

Groovy 70s Orange Fondue set!

I'll bet this old unit works just as good as a new one.

 Time card punch clock
I almost bought this just for the heck of it

1975 Seal-a-meal
Still made to this day

AM/FM Radio/Alarm Clock/Telephone combo

Kodacraft Metal Printer
Haven't seen one of these since 7th grade photography

Dunno if I've ever seen a Banana Ball before

Retro Canister set like my Mom used to have

Presto Vertical Broiler

(this would probably cook fish and steak really well)

High tech Super-8 video camera

The newer streamlined Auto Load Super-8 camera

Andy Gibb 8-track

I love thrift store shopping.  I dig that I can look, touch, and buy items that I haven't seen in decades.  Some items I'm very familiar with, others I've never seen, many I may never see ever again. I don't always end up buying something during my retro treasure hunts, but I always have a heck of a good time.


  1. You always have great thrift store finds! would love to browse with you someday!

    1. I've been in quite the dry slump lately. Perhaps I need to step up my retro hunts! Or shift my geographic locations a bit..


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