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Apr 9, 2018

80s / 90s Rap Group 3rd Bass

Tonight I was reminiscing about music I use to jam to in the early 90s.  Anyone else remember 3rd Bass?  Those guys could definitely spit some rhymes.  Here's two videos to jog your memory and get you moving.  Hypnotizing grooves.. incredible lyrics.. I love it!  I know what I'll be bumping in my car and iPod this week.  Enjoy..

Mar 15, 2018

A replacement for the discontinued Hostess Cherry Sweet Rolls

Remember these rolls?  Well I sure do.  In fact, they were a big part of my childhood growing up.  I can't count how many times my Mom would put these out for people she would invite over for coffee, or for visitors after dinner.  On weekends, my Dad would get up early to buy a newspaper, and would bring these home for us as a snack before breakfast.  And that tradition carried on for myself when I became an adult.

Everything about these rolls are still so very vivid in my mind.  The wax paper tray that surrounded the rolls.. the smell of the bread and cherries as you cracked open the package, the thick white icing on top of the rolls, and of course the great tasting rolls themselves.  Like so many other Hostess snack cakes, they have been discontinued in recent years.  This was one casualty of the brand that deeply saddened me.  You never like to see something you love and grew up with, simply just fade away.  Case in point.. Toys R' Us!  How many of us feel like part of our childhood just died?

Now if you've seen any of my YouTube snack cake videos, you know that Hostess has disappointed me on so many levels as of late, that Tastykake is fast becoming my favorite line of snack cakes.  So my heart skipped a beat when I spotted these Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls in the supermarket!

Could they be as good or better than the old Hostess Cherry Sweet Rolls?  I had to find out!  Nostalgia overtook me when I opened the package and the smell of the cherry filling and yeast leavened sweet bread hit me. That same type of soft wax paper tray even held the rolls tightly together just like the Hostess packaging used to.

As for the taste.. it was very similar with one exception.  That being, the white icing atop all of the rolls.  Tastykake opted to use a layer of glaze on these sweet rolls.  Hostess had that thick white icing that was very sweet, messy, or if getting close to the sell by date.. crunchy or brittle.  Hostess Sweet Rolls were definitely always better when heated up prior to serving.  A quick warm up would get that icing softened up and melted into the cracks and crevices of the sweet roll.

I must admit.. while the icing helped the Hostess Sweet Rolls to be iconic in their own way, I really don't miss it.  The great taste of the Hostess Cherry Sweet Roll would tend to get lost in that vast sea of icing.  The Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls have the perfect balance of glaze, cherry filling, and sweet bread.  While they are wonderful warmed up, they are every bit as enjoyable if you eat them right out of the package.  It's quite obvious that Tastykake went for a quality, rather than just trying to be a copycat, and it shows through and through.

Once again, Tastykake has come through for me again, and.. has managed to replace a sorely missed snack cake staple in my household.   

Mar 8, 2018

Review - Troy's Cuban Deli in Clermont Florida.

One thing I've learned since moving to Florida, is that people are a lot less patient and in a much bigger hurry than folks in Colorado. In fact, I'm not sure If I ever quite fully understood the term "Rat Race" until I relocated to the Orlando area. The madness that is the tourist industry, coupled with the sheer amount of people that live in here, can be a bit overwhelming to someone who's never experienced it and finds themselves suddenly thrust into the thick of it. 

With all that being said, in the midst of the madness and busyness, there are places like the one that I had breakfast at this morning.. 'Troy's Cuban Deli'. It seems that time moves a little bit slower as soon as you walk through the doors.  Something as simple as getting myself a Cuban coffee and an authentic Cuban breakfast aligns my chakras, gets me copacetic and feeling zen.

You wouldn't think such Simple Pleasures could do this, but it does for me. A lot of it has to do with the people there. The owners and staff are incredibly wonderful people which makes the experience all that more enjoyable. Orlando is such a huge Melting Pot, there are tons of places like this all over the place whether it be Puerto Rican, Colombian, Cuban, polish, etc.  And don't even get me started on the little pizzerias ran by folks that have moved down here from New York.  Fuhgettaboutit!! 

'Cuban Breakfast'
2 Eggs over easy, sweet plantains, croquettas, 
Sliced Ham & Swiss Cheese and buttered & pressed Cuban Toast.
Oh yeah.. it's under $5.00!

'Cafe' con Leche'
Made to order with Cuban Espresso, scalded milk, 
and for me.. sugar.  Always Sugar.
That nice froth you see on top is a result of sugar that's started to caramelize.

Cuban Sandwich
House made roast pork and ham, Swiss Cheese, pickles and Mustard, 
tucked in fresh Cuban bread, and pressed on a grill.

I often drop in for the Cuban Sandwiches, served with house made plantain chips.  If I'm really hungry (like I was on this particular day) I'll order a 'Papa Rellena'.. a mashed potato ball, stuffed with Picadillo (a seasoned ground beef) and deep fried.

Fresh pastries, Empenadas, Croquettas, and Papa Rellenas made all day long.

If you love Cuban food, this is the place to go in Clermont Florida.  The quality, value and taste is absolutely incredible.  The ambiance is great as well.  Bright colors, Cuban decor and an airy feel instantly get me into a happier mindset and lightens any burden or stress I may bring along with me.

Troy's Cuban Deli.. a place where I can go to de-stress and get recharged, all in the time it takes to drink my freshly made Cafe Con Leche and Cuban breakfast. I absolutely love it, and it's places like this that make me love the area I live so much.

Feb 19, 2018

Doritos BLAZE Review

I love Doritos and I LOVE Spicy Food.  Do Doritos BLAZE Impress?  You can find out in my newest YouTube video..

Feb 13, 2018

Eleven year old Chocolate Lab still loves to swim

My Labrador isn't a big fan of the Florida heat. Lucky for her she has a big ol' cement pond to dog paddle around in.

Feb 11, 2018

JOLT Cola 2018! Unboxing and review

In my newest video.. I unbox and drink my first JOLT Cola since 1993.

Feb 6, 2018

A Plea to #Planters ... Bring Back P.B. Crisps!!

Back in the early 90s, I ate my weight in P.B. Crisps.  If you aren't aware and didn't have the pleasure of being able to snack on these wonderful treats, I'm sorry.  If you did, you were probably just as dismayed as I, when Planters stopped producing them.

Being the comfort food connoisseurs we are, my son and I often reminisce about snack food we both grew up eating.  I am a child of the 70s and 80s, and he.. a child of the 90s and 2000s.  Both of us vividly remember eating P.B. Crisps and they actually became a go-to snack for us.

 After doing a little snooping around online, I found we aren't the only ones who desperately want P.B. Crisps to be re-released.  Just check out the online movement that even has a Facebook page dedicated to the cause!  Just click on the link below..
Bring Back P.B. Crisps Facebook Page
If you too have an incredible yearning to once again snap into a P.B. Crisp.. I highly recommend following them.

Pestering Planters
Lots of 90s brands are coming back with a vengeance, or were re-released with great success like JOLT Cola, Crystal Pepsi, Hi-C Ecto Cooler, Zima, heck.. the X-Files and Roseanne are even back on TV!  If enough folks bug the heck out of Planters, maybe they will see that there is a market for these great snacks once again.
I recommend letting Planters hear your pleas on their social media accounts listed below and use the hashtag #bringBackPBcrisps whenever you can.
Planters on Facebook  
Planters on twitter  
You can also bug them using their online comment / contact form.
It's totally worth a shot guys. Stranger things have happened (like Fuller House)  so there IS hope!  Thanks for reading, and lets get our Peanut Butter Crispy Cookie Craving voices heard!
UPDATE 2-13-2018
You can also call Planters to let them hear your pleas at  (1-877-535-5666)

Check out the video below!