Dec 16, 2014

My nifty 8-Track collection

Last year my old man gave me a collection of around 300 8-tracks along with two 8-Track players.   You remember 8-track cassettes don't you kids?  They were magnetic tapes used for recording and playing music.  They eventually replaced reel to reel magnetic tapes, and were a precursor to smaller compact cassette tapes.

The same day I hauled my new collection home, I set up the 8-track player in my garage, and have been jamming out to some far out retro tunes ever since.  Here's just a small sampling of the great stuff in my new collection of 8-tracks..

 Unopened Bee Gees 8-track

Unopened Kenny Rogers 8-track

A few of the many Linda Ronstadt albums I now own

 Elvis - Aloha from Hawaii
via Satellite

Henry Mancini TV themes from the 70's

Dig that Groovy 70s artwork!

SNL Skits
from the original not ready for prime time players

Songs in the key of life

Tunes for next Oktoberfest!

 I dunno!

Music for those who "go steady"
I actually dig this album as it features some Les Baxter tunes


Tony Orlando and Dawn

This particular 8-track has gotten a lot of playtime this recently, and brings back lots of great memories.  My Mom and Dad used to love Tony Orlando and Dawn, and would never miss an episode of their variety show that lasted for a few seasons back in the 70s.  I remember regularly watching the show with my folks, and seeing them get a kick out of the guest stars, skits, and great musical acts.

Lots of tunes from 'The King'

One of the greatest flamenco guitarists of all time

How can you NOT be curious as to what's on this 8-track?

Neil Diamond
The 3rd most successful adult contemporary artist of all time

So that's literally just a few of the 8-track tapes in my new collection.  I still have tons to sort through and test, so I just may be sharing some more unique finds I come across soon.


  1. Excellent! Have you seen the documentary on 8-track collectors? So wrong they're right an 8-track trek

    1. No I havent, but will definitely check it out! Thanks for the heads up!!


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