Review: Re-release of NEW COKE for STRANGER THINGS 3

Coca Cola

Here it is folks, I finally got around to posting my review of the re-release of NEW Coke.  This is the second taste test and comparison I've performed on this product (the first was back in 1985).

So it all started when I saw this very retro 80s looking computer message on the Coke website.  My heart skipped a beat when I learned Coca-Cola was once again releasing NEW Coke!

I got online, ordered a couple collector's packs, and anxiously awaited for them to come in the mail.  Below is a picture of exactly what you get..  Coca-Cola Classic and Coke Zero limited edition Stranger Things 3 bottles, and two cans of NEW COKE.

I assembled the family for dinner on the night of the Stranger Things 3 premier, and we performed our very own taste test of Coca-Cola Classic vs. NEW COKE.

So what was the verdict?  The same as it was back in the day.  I liked it!  Just not nearly as much as Classic Coca-Cola, and definitely not as much as Lucas Sinclair loved it in Stranger Things.

The New Coke tasted more syrup-y and had considerably more carbonation that really takes its time to subside.  It had a wee bit of an aftertaste, but not bad at all.  Classic Coke has more of a caramel-y flavor, just the right amount of carbonation, and well.. that Classic taste.

The general consensus amongst my brood, was that it was good.. just not as good as the Coca-Cola Classic. It really is a solid cola in my opinion, if you like your soda really sweet.   It's actually a soda I would buy from time to time if Coca-Cola decided to re-release it on a long term basis.  I can especially foresee this soda making a great alcohol mixer.  Maybe I'll get a chance to experiment with it if Coca-Cola listens to the masses of NEW COKE fans that are begging for a re-release of the product.  Yup.. it kind shocked me too.

There was such a public backlash back in 1985 when NEW COKE was re-released. I still swear the whole product release was a conspiracy / strike of marketing GENIUS!  And I'm not the only one who believes that.

What are your thoughts?  Do you feel the same way about the original release?  Did you dig NEW COKE or hate it?  You can read about my thoughts on the original release and conspiracy theory here.