Get your 'New Coke' Before it's gone for another 34 years

Coca Cola

If you haven't got yourself a can of New Coke yet.. you'd better hurry.  Coca-Cola announced this week that it will no longer be available for purchase after Labor Day.  I went ahead and ordered another collector's pack, which now gives me several cans for future consumption, and a couple for my Coca-Cola collection.

I really do hope they keep it alive in some form, even if it's only at their Coca-Cola Stores for sampling.  The public's response to New Coke on their website and social media was way more positive this summer than it was back in 1985, and quite frankly.. it shocked me.  I hope it shocked Coca-Cola as well, and they decide to give it a longer run or future re-release in some form.

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