Sep 4, 2015

Thrift Store VHS finds

It wasn't very long ago that VHS tapes were capitalizing space in my closets, boxes, drawers, cabinets, and now.. they're all but obsolete.  Here's a few I saw the other day at the thrift store that made me stop to take a second look..

I so wanted to pick this set up and take it home with me.  However, I no longer have a means of playing them, and haven't for quite some time.  I do have a few of these on DVD, but the lineup isn't as impressive as this one.

STAR TREK Boxed set
It looks like someone got some good use out of this set.  I know I sure watched the heck out of all my old STAR TREK video cassettes over the years.

 STAR TREK the Next Generation TV Series

Why did they ever have to try and improve upon VHS cassettes?  Oh yeah I remember..  look at the flippin' real estate these things ate up!   I remember when Columbia House Video was offering this set for purchase, and it was not cheap.  It's kind of sad that back in the day someone spent some serious money on this set, and now you can't hardly give the things away.

I really must obtain a VHS player soon, even if it's just for use in my garage.  I'd love to be able to throw in an old monster movie or sci-fi flick to have playing in the background as I'm working on my bicycles, or a "Honey Do" list.   There's no shortage of cheap video cassette's laying around at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, so I'm thinking I can pick up a player and a whole gaggle of movies for well under $20.00.  We'll see.. 

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  1. Could be worse. I spent most of my teen years babysitting to earn money to order silent two reelers from Blackhawk Films...on 8mm and then Super8mm. Now I have a couple large boxes full of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd films in the basement I can't bear to toss...and their entire film sets take up just a few inches on my DVD shelf. Sigh. JFSinIL


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