Sep 9, 2015

Things that irk a retro Dad..

Here's another post that I can add to the "I'm turning into my Father" file. Certain things that used to get my Dad irritated, used to crack me and my brother up when we were kids. While we didn't understand it back then, it now makes more sense to me as an adult. Heck, many of the same things that ticked him off, are now pet peeves of mine. Here are three standout's that you very well may be familiar with..

"Put the tools back when you're done with them"
Boy did the old man ever get hot under the collar when I failed to return a tool of his after using it. I can hear his lectures right now.. "When you put a tool back where it belongs, it will be there the next time you need it!" or.. "every tool has its place!" Really, how can you argue with that kind of reasoning?

I must admit that when I go to grab a tool and its missing, my blood instantly begins to boil. I immediately start to wonder if my bride or children used my new pliers or screwdriver, to pound yet another nail into the wall. I'll even get mad with myself if I learn the tool is missing by fault of my own. Maybe it's just folks who use tools a lot like myself and my Dad, because I have a few friends who could care less about their arsenal of tools (or lack thereof). I've even found myself getting frustrated at times, when friends of mine were unable to find a tool in their own toolbox or garage. Hmm.. maybe I have a problem.

"Turn that light off!"
Dad used to always get on us for leaving a light switch or radio on when leaving our bedrooms. This is another thing that bugs me when it happens in my house. It's almost like I feel the pennies flying out the door when I see a hall light on, or a television turned on with no one around to watch it.

"Don't leave the water running!"
Whenever washing dishes, shaving, or brushing my teeth within ear shot of my old man, he would often get on me about leaving the water running and say something like "Turn that water on and off instead of letting it run down the drain!"

Now when the kids are brushing their teeth or washing a dish in my house, the sound of running water is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  Sure enough, I can't contain myself and usually tell them something like "Turn the water on and off as you need it, instead of pouring money down the drain!"

Maybe it's embedded in my DNA, or maybe the old man's little life lessons actually got burned into my brain from the endless repetition we endured as kids. I wonder what other quirks I will develop next?  Maybe soon I'll start telling my kids.. "You'll understand what I'm talking about when you're grown and have kids!"   Wait.. I guess I say that already.

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