Aug 20, 2015

STILL waiting for the McDonald's MEGA MAC to come to America

This an older article I'm moving here from one of my other blogs.  Enjoy..

About 5 years ago, my good friend "Doc" Moore e-mailed me during his vacation in Japan. Knowing of my fast food fanaticism, he wrote to inform me about a new hamburger that McDonald's was promoting overseas called "The MEGA MAC." This hamburger was just like the regular Big Mac, but with four beef patties instead of two.  He told me he planned on trying one, and promised me details and pictures of his adventure as soon as he got back to the states. I quickly checked the McDonald's web-site to see if there was any chance that the promotion would be heading to the U.S. The web-site had no information on the MEGA MAC, so all I could do was send their customer service department an e-mail, and wait for a response.

A couple of days later, Doc e-mailed me and confirmed that he had in fact dined on the massive "Mega Mac", and sent me details and pictures for all to see..

Good Old "Doc" outside a Mickey D's in Japan.

As you can see.. he can hardly wait to make his lower G.I. tract and arteries earn their pay! Many people wonder why anyone would try eating one of these monsters. For people like me and Doc, it's probably for the same reason a mountain climber desires to a conquer a new peak... because it's there!

Doc and the Behemoth MEGA MAC!
Here's Doc with the Monster he soon after devoured.  

So how was it? Here's his blow by blow account..

"I managed to make it to McDonald's and had myself a Mega Mac, I just had to try it. I felt like my cholesterol went up ten points for eating it though. I got a few pictures and got a short video of me holding it. It was not much of a burger. The patties were small, I assume it has about the same amount of meat as a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese (which is my McDonald's weakness other than the Mc Rib). It looked impressive though. It was so damn greasy, that when I smashed it together to make it a little easier to eat, grease shot out of all sides and instantly soaked through the buns, it was kind of disturbing. Once I started to eat it (after the grease explosion) I squished it together, and there was not much more to take pics of. It was a mess and fell apart. The burger was no better than a normal Big Mac and to be honest, I never eat Big Macs. I always go for the Quarter Pounder with cheese or "McRib" myself! I am sure I will have a stomach ache later from eating all of that grease."

He came.. he ate.. he conquered! Thank you Doc Moore, for pushing that pile of saturated fat through your cardiovascular system... all for the sake of our curious minds. We salute you!

Why We'll most likely never see the MEGA MAC in the U.S...
The same day that Doc sent me the information on the Mega Mac, I also received a response from McDonald's customer response center. I had originally asked them if there were any plans on bringing The MEGA MAC to the states, and their response was as follows..

Hello Darrin:

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's with your questions about the Mega Mac Sandwich served in Japan.

Before we open restaurants in other parts of the world, we study the culture to determine local customer preferences. In most cases, we serve not only our standard menu items, but occasionally we try to offer items which reflect that country's culture. Because customers tastes, customs and dietary preferences vary from country to country, you will find menu items tailored for a specific countries customers, that may not be offered elsewhere.

We operate our restaurants on the philosophy that "the customer is the reason for our business." Ultimately, it's our customers who decide what products we offer.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. We hope to serve you again soon under the Golden Arches.


McDonald's Customer Response Center

Choosing to read between the lines, I took this response to mean "No".

I guess I can't blame them for not bringing this sandwich to the U.S.  McDonald's is already under a microscope and has been picked on a lot over the last few years by advocate groups and greedy lawyers. They've been blamed for having a huge part in grossly contributing to America's obesity epidemic, as well as our nation's increase in diabetes.

BUT... don't pee down the back of my neck and tell me that it's raining.  I don't believe for one minute that McDonald's did research, and found that Japanese customs reflect that an artery pounding Monster Burger such as this one, is a good fit with the Japanese culture. Rather.. it seems like Mickey D's is trying to push a bit of our Western culture on them. Getting them used to the "Bigger is Better" mentality, and having it permeate their culture could only mean more dollars for McDonald's in the future. Do I truly believe that this is part of some "master plan" by McDonald's? I don't know. The whole deal just kind of seems weird to me.

Various McDonald's promotions feature healthy good looking people sometimes participating in vigorous physical activities. These ads and promotions look like an advertisement for a health food store rather than a fast food restaurant. Please, quit trying to act like something you're not.  Mickey D's has tried really hard to change their image over the last few years, and maybe it's worked for them. I'm sure it's at least helped them to keep a lower profile and get people off of their back, but this American isn't buying it. The new leather couches, the fancy architecture, and the wireless internet in their new restaurants aren't blinding me. McDonald's is what it is, a fast food restaurant, and I'll never view them as anything otherwise.

Not that I'm hating on them or anything mind you.  Believe me.. if the Mega Mac ever made its way to the U.S., I'd probably be one of the first people to be blogging about it.

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