Aug 18, 2015

Flashbacks abound while retro treasure hunting

On one of my last retro treasure hunts at the second hand store, I came across a few items that took me on a nice trip down memory lane.  Check out what I found..

My grandfather had one of these lighted magnifying gizmos that he used to read the bible and numerous publications with.  This must date back to the 60s or 70s from what I gather.  Close inspection shows that this one had never been used.  A steal at $1.49, I went ahead and snatched it up.  While I won't be using it to read, I do have plans on using it for some of my hobbies like model building, bicycle restoration, and working on electronics. 

My mother bought me all manner of Avon cologne over the years when I was a kid.  I remember my brother and some of my friends owning Avon chess piece decanters like the ones above back in the 70s.  I couldn't believe there were multiple unopened sets of these decanters in one of the thrift stores I visited.  I'm thinking they were an attic or closet find of an old Avon rep.

Boxed sets like this really make me want to get one of those new VCR thingy's.

My mom had a crock pot just like this one when I was growing up.  I'm pretty confident that this thirty something year old crock pot still works incredibly well to this day.  They really don't make appliances like they used to.

Before the days of weed eaters, this is how I used to edge the lawn after I was done mowing.  I used a pair of yard shears exactly like these for years, and am surprised I didn't get carpal tunnel syndrome from using them.

This retro treasure hunting session has lit a fire under me to start doing this more often.  Whether or not I end up buying anything, these treasure hunts usually offer up an exciting and nostalgic walk down memory lane.   I'll make sure to share any new finds from future treasure hunts right here.

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