Aug 28, 2015

The movie theatre where I saw STAR WARS back in 1977..

I was near my old stomping grounds in Fort Collins Colorado recently, and took a moment to take this picture.

The old Foothills Twin Theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado

Back when my family moved to Fort Collins in the 70s, this was one of the only movie theaters in town besides the two Drive-In theaters within city limits.  In its heyday, this was a two screen theater, and was always buzzing with activity.

As you can see.. the building has long since been anything but a movie theater.  The last tenants (a tire shop) modified the building in the late 90s, and installed garage doors on both sides of the building.  The building as it sits would not even resemble an old theater if not for the faded marquee that was never removed from the building facade.

I stopped not only to snap this picture, but also took a quick walk around the front of the building to reminisce.  My old man took me to see STAR WARS at this theater among many other classics throughout the years.  My Dad and I didn't converse much when I was younger, and going to see movies together was a way we found to connect.  My Dad who was always quite frugal, spared no expense when we would go to the movies.  I always was able to get a large soda, popcorn, and any kind of candy I wanted.

Other movies I vividly recall going to see with my old man were; The Man from Snowy River, Caveman starring Ringo Star, Song of the South, The Rescuers, UFO - The Unidentified Flying Oddball, The Black Hole, and Superman I and II just to name a few.  I even carried on the tradition with my own son, and took him to this
same theater during the 90s to see movies like TWISTER, Men In Black,
and Space Jam.

It's a strange feeling indeed to visit a place that had such a big impact on your childhood, only to see it abandoned and barely recognizable.  While it is sad, I at least have many fond memories of going there with my Dad and Son that will last a lifetime, and that's what really matters.

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