Aug 7, 2015

How to say "Cheers” in 13 Languages for International Beer Day on August 7th

by Darrin Vindiola

Beer connoisseurs rejoice! It’s International Beer Day on Friday.. August 7th.

Regardless if you’re a die-hard micro-brewed IPA fan, or would rather sip on a cold can of domestic beer, leading language learning app Babbel wants people to come together and celebrate beer culture from all over the world.  Check out this handy graphic below..

If you need a little help pronouncing the above toasts, the list below should help..

English – Cheers!

German – Prost!

French – Santé!

Italian – Cin cin!

Portuguese – Saúde!

Spanish – ¡Salud!

Swedish – Skål!

Danish – Skål!

Dutch – Proost!

Norwegian – Skål!

Polish – Na zdrowie!

Turkish – Şerefe!

Russian – За здоровье! (English transcription: Za zdaróvye! )

Hope this list provided courtesy of Babbel, helped to expand your beer drinking mind!  If you are interested in seeing what Babbel is all about, and want to learn about their language learning app, check out the info below..

About Babbel

Babbel’s vision, that anyone can learn languages, has driven its success through high-quality, professionally curated courses from a team of education experts, authors and language teachers, combined with modern technology. Babbel, a market-leading app for online learning, makes it easy for independent learners to access 14 different languages, ranging from English to Indonesian, either from home or on the go, with a smartphone or tablet.


Babbel is led by founders Markus Witte (Chief Executive Officer) and Thomas Holl (President), along with Lorenz Heine (Chief Innovation Officer) and Markus Corallo (Chief Financial Officer). The company employs a team of more than 300 at its headquarters in Berlin. The service is available worldwide at and on iOS and Android mobile devices. Corresponding to the user's mother tongue, Babbel offers its courses in 7 "reference languages", which are used as the display language on the platform.

For more information, visit

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