Apr 19, 2015

Three deliciously retro music videos

I'm a bit of a throwback from the 80s in regards to music, as I still love watching music videos whether they be new or old.  During my many hours of perusing videos on YouTube, I came across these three gems that have an absolutely retro vibe to them.

The first is a superbly done fan video of the song Just one Kiss by the British electronic dance music duo The Basement Jaxx.  I actually dig this video more than the official video put out by the band.  The VW bug in this video is exactly like one I had as a kid, and the groovy 70's vibe is truly "far out".  Plus, if this song doesn't get you moving.. you must be dead.

I like a lot of the Foo Fighters music, and their song Rope is one of my favorites.  The minimalistic style of the video shoot relies heavily on the bands performance skill, and for some reason screams 1980's to me when I watch it.  This is a classic example of how sometimes.. less is more.

Remember afternoon dance shows?  American Bandstand and Soul Train were pretty main stream, but when I was a teen in the 80's, there were tons of local dance shows that were broadcast in cities across the nation.  I remember rushing home from school and tuning in to watch.   I loved seeing all of the fashionable hip kids dancing, as well as catching up on the latest music.

This Mayer Hawthorne video below is pretty awesome.  One of his newest songs called Long Time from his latest album 'How do you do?" is layed over an actual Detroit dance show filmed in the 80's!  The dance moves, the clothes, and the classic dance lines where dancers showcase their best moves while they mosey between the two lines of people, gets me grinning from ear to ear every time.  If nothing else.. fast forward to the two minute mark of the video to get a load of Blackula / James Brown Jr.!

On a side note.. I watched this video with my daughter and bride to poke fun of the women's fashions that my wife surely had in her wardrobe back in the day.  Much to my surprise, she didn't see anything wrong with many of the fashions the gals were wearing back then.   Sheesh.. and I thought I was retro!

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