Apr 10, 2015

Some products I had no clue still existed..

I came across these products the other day while shopping.  They seemed to jump right off the shelf at me, mainly because I had no idea they were still available for purchase..

I've used a lot of this stuff over the years.  Whether its gum stuck to your shoes or carpet, adhesive from price stickers, tar, grease, crayon, tape, etc., this stuff works great!

No harsh odor, and even a little bottle lasts for years!  I promise you this isn't a promo for the stuff.. I just really love the product!

Remember Ty-D Bol?  Or better yet.. remember their spokesperson The Ty-D Bowl Man?!?  He was the little fella in a boat that would cruise around your toilet to pedal this product.  I know, I know.. some of you kids don't believe me.  Well check this commercial out..

While it doesn't appear to even be a shadow of its former self.. JOLT cola is still being produced, albeit in energy drink form.

The JOLT cola of my day was a simple drink with the simple slogan..  "All the sugar and twice the caffeine."   I can't even begin to count how many six packs of this stuff I downed as a teenager.  Most parents back then despised the product, which of course made it that much cooler to drink!  I'm sure the buzz we attained from drinking it was no match for today's energy drinks, but it was enough for us back in the 80's, and sure got the job done!

I wanted to buy this stuff for my dog so bad as a kid, however.. my mom believed that Gaines Burgers were the best food for a dog.  I remember the commercials clearly.. they touted their product as having gravy that dogs would love. Heck.. who wouldn't want their dog to enjoy their meals more?

I leave you with this commercial made to tug at your heart strings, so as to coax you to feed Fido some gravy laden chunks of beef..

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