Jan 17, 2015

Two retro tech items I (almost) bought in 2014

I saw a couple items while hitting the thrift stores last year that I came incredibly close to bringing home with me.  Behold..

Early 1970s KODAK Instamatic X-15 Camera

I had an Instamatic X-15 exactly like this one when I was a kid.  I took pictures of everything from my BMX bikes, to diorama scenes I'd make with my Star Wars toys.  I had this camera in hand and was ready to spend a hard earned $1.99 for it, when reasoning took over.  

I figured this camera would only be a conversation piece that would take up more of the ever shrinking real estate upon my office shelves.  You can no longer buy 126 film for them, and heck.. the camera on my phone takes great pictures and even fits in my pocket.  

Just for kicks, I did a Google search for 126 film when I got home.  While you can sometimes find old unopened rolls of 126 film on eBay, I learned that 126 film cartridges can be loaded with 35mm film, meaning that yes.. you could in all actuality still use one of these cameras.  How cool would it be to pull one of these cameras out to snap pictures with, while everyone else around you is using iPhone's?

Yup.. I'm kicking myself now for not buying it.  Darn this rationalism and sensibility that seems to be rearing its ugly head more and more as I get older!

 SONY Walkman Cassette Player

Talk about retro high tech! Dig that digital display and functions like auto reverse!  This is an item I could've put to good use.  I have plenty of cassettes lying around, and could use this player when riding my bike or doing yard work. Good arguments for buying it huh?  Now lets look at the reasons why I didn't..

This is the primary reason I left the SONY Walkman cassette player on the thrift store shelf.  It's my SONY Walkman MP3 player that plugs right into my cars stereo system, operates for over one week per battery charge, has an FM radio tuner, sports noise cancelling ear buds, and holds 16 Gigs of music, video and photos.

While looking at the cassette player and reminiscing, the memories started flooding back about the old bulky headphones, endless scads of AA batteries I would constantly have to buy, and of course, the bulkiness of the player itself.  Once again, I talked myself out of buying another obsolete piece of technology.

As funny as it sounds to many folks.. I love antiquated tech items including; Cassette, 8-Track, Record, and Reel to Reel players.  I own all of these types of players and love using them.  I'd gladly buy even more, but have been setting boundaries for myself more and more lately, so as not to approach hoarder territory.  Sure I was a good boy this week, but next week.. who knows.  If for some reason I fail to stay strong, at least I'll more than likely have something cool to share with you here.

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