Jan 12, 2015

My Old Mans rides circa 1968 and 1973

This is my father, myself and my older brother in front of my Old Man's Chevy back in 1973.  We were getting ready for a Saturday outing at the beach, and Santa Monica pier.  Can't remember what kind of car it was.. possibly a Biscayne?

Here's another picture of one the Old Man's cars.
a 1962 Dodge Lancer...

That's my dad and my older brother in 1968.  This picture was taken somewhere in the hills outside of San Bernadino I believe.  What I'd give to own that car today!!  There's several models of cars that my folks, and I personally have owned, that I would like to buy for the purpose of restoration.  The only thing holding me back is a lack of space to store and work on the vehicle.

Do you have any fond memories from your folks automobiles growing up?  Would you ever buy an older car and restore it?


  1. The top car looks like a 1963 Chevy, probably Biscane, the Bel Air was one step up from that, and the Impala was the top line model that year. I had a '63 Impala in high school.

    When I was real little, my dad had a '66 Impala SS, but most of my growing up years we had a 1969 Pontiac station wagon.

    1. Man what I'd give for an SS! The sad thing.. is I had a million opportunities to buy all kinds of SS models from Nova to Impala when I was a kid. They cost a mint now to get one in decent shape!

  2. I'm no expert, but it looks like a 1960s Chevy Biscayne. Cool.

    My Dad had an early 1970s, Buick sports car. When she was in her 30s, my sister asked my Mom if it was for sale. My Mom, who is a very kind woman, sternly warned my sister off by saying something like: " Don't even think about it! That car is his baby. Please don't do it."
    [ Hee, hee!]

    1. Buick had some great cars back in the day. Many I feel are undervalued in today's market. (Good for the people wanting to buy them)


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