Nov 9, 2014

Memories of my 1973 VW Super beetle

That's my VW Bug in front of a gift shop in Kissimmee Florida in 1992.  We lived in Virginia Beach Virginia at the time, and my wife and I drove this little bug all the way down to Orlando to take my son to Disney World.

I will never forget that trip in November we took to see ''The Mouse".  Even though we were tight on cash, the trip didn't cost all that much by today's standards.  Back then gas was about $1.20 a gallon, admission to Disney World was under $30.00 per day, and you could get a double room at a decent hotel for under $40.00.

We barely had enough money for gas, a one night stay in a hotel, park tickets, and food.  What's more, it was cold and rained for most of the day that we were at The magic Kingdom.  We didn't have much money, the weather was less than optimal, and the 1520 mile round trip in an old VW was anything but comfortable.  That being said, it turned out being one of the most memorable and fulfilling Disney trips we ever took. 

I didn't know it at the time, but the early years of my marriage when we didn't have a lot, would prove to produce some of the fondest and most memorable events in my life.  Sometimes I truly do miss the good old days.

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