Nov 25, 2014

Creepy Advertising Mascots

They're out there.. creepy and demented looking advertising mascots.  Everybody has seen advertising campaigns and mascots that make them scratch their heads and wonder.. Why? 
Here's a few that bug the heck out of me.

Check out the Burger King's De-evolution into the likeness that so many consumers were freaked out by in recent years. In retrospect.. I guess that the 1980s King was kind of creepy.  But how about the King from the 90's and 2000's?

The most recent incarnation of
"The Burger King"..

Were the new Burger King commercials amusing?  Sometimes.  Do they get your attention?  Absolutely.  But why a soulless dummy? Surely a good actor could bring the mascot to life and make him entertaining (even if he never spoke).  Is employing a creepy, dialogue free King, cheaper than hiring a live action King? Is the creep factor worth it?  Apparently it must've been, because he was the face of Burger King for nearly a decade until they recently put the "King" advertising campaign to rest.  Geez.. makes you wonder what they've got up their sleeve for the next campaign!

In the 80's, I remember going to Burger King and occasionally seeing a big helium bottle that employees would use to fill balloons for kids.  Atop the bottle was the head of The Burger King!  There was a brass nozzle with a black rubber tip sticking out of his mouth that was used to dispense helium into the balloons.  Both kids and adults alike would get a big kick out of seeing the good king tirelessly blowing up balloons.  For better or worse, it's rumored that this very helium head was the inspiration for the King's new likeness.  

The original Ronald McDonald 

The original Ronald McDonald was played by Willard Scott, and was creepier than all get out! If you know anyone that thinks the current Ronald is scary, just point them towards this commercial!

The Quiznos Sponge Monkeys
 I can't even find the words.. just watch it.

The 2012 London Olympic Mascots
"Wenlock and Mandeville"
What "unique" mascots huh?  Makes you want to run right out and buy some official 2012 Olympic merchandise featuring these cats plastered all over it.

So are there any advertising mascots that creep you out.. or will these hold you for awhile?

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