Jul 24, 2014

The entrepreneurial spirit of a Retro Dad's kiddo

As my kids get older, I often sit back and reminisce about their younger years.  Back when my daughter was eight years old, she ran quite a successful business from her bedroom.  Behold the sign that used to hang from her door..

Yes, my daughter ran a veterinary clinic for "Stuft Animals, and American Girl Dolls".  Out of the goodness of her tender little heart, all services were even offered pro bono!  That being said, imagine my surprise when I came across the following sign later in the year..

Darn it!  Yet another casualty to the lousy economy that we were deep in the midst of a few years back!  I couldn't stand by idly, so I offered the veterinary clinic a bail out to keep the doors open.  I threw some business their way in the form of a few old action figures that needed rehabilitating, and paid handsomely for said rehabilitation.  

In the end, I'm happy to say that my little one decided to tough it out and run her clinic for a considerable amount of time thereafter.  I guess in a way.. I ended up reforming the Stuft Animal and American Girl doll healthcare system in my home, and it felt great!

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