Aug 24, 2022

That time Gomez Addams sold Mission Tortillas

There are so many advertising slogans from the 70s through the 90s that are permanently burned into my data banks. One such tagline was at the end of a Mission Tortilla commercial, when the voice over actor simply utters the words 'Mission Tortillas' before the screen faded to black. I know it's just the brand name of a mass produced tortilla, but the person who uttered that brand name is the reason it stuck with me.

That voice over actor was no other than John Astin aka.. Gomez Addams! It always impressed me how he spoke that phrase with perfect inflection on the Spanish accents. He rolled his 'R' and pronounced the double L's perfectly. I remember seeing these commercials around 1990, and the voice was undoubtedly Astin's. 

Apparently, Astin started out as a voice over actor, and was a renowned voice-artist throughout his career. He lent his voice to series like Justice League, The Wild Thornberrys, Pinky and the Brain and Bonkers just to name a few.

I did a little research and couldn't find if Astin was indeed fluent is Spanish, but learned he did star in a 1972 Spanish language film called 'Un Secuestro de locura'. While Google and YouTube generally turn out wonderful results in regards to 80s and 90s TV commercials, I have not been able to track down a Mission Tortilla commercial as of yet, that Astin has voiced. If you happen to run across some please let me know! And.. if I do locate one, I will most definitely post it here.

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