Jul 18, 2022

Flashback Pizza Review - Old Chicago Restaurant "Oh my Spaghetti Pie"

Okay, so it's NOT a pizza per say, but it's served up like a slice of pizza.  Plus, this menu item from Old Chicago was so good, I just had to share my thoughts about it for posterity sake.

About six years ago, Old Chicago had a menu item called "Oh my Spaghetti Pie".  I wasn't expecting much from this dish, but I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed.  Basically, the "OMSP" consists of Spaghetti tossed in made-from-scratch Alfredo sauce with Parmesan, mozzarella, Romano and provolone cheeses.  It's then slow baked then oven toasted, topped with more Alfredo and mozzarella, provolone and Asiago cheeses.  Finally, it is served by the slice over house marinara.

The dish was rich, succulent, and incredibly tasty.  Presentation was enhanced with a nice piece of garlic bread flanking one side of the pie slice, as well as freshly chopped basil sprinkled atop the slice itself.  The richness of the cheese and Alfredo was balanced out by the lovely pool of marinara it was surrounded by.

At first I thought the price of  $10.99 was a bit of a stretch, but I have a hearty appetite, and was completely satisfied after eating the portion I was served for lunch.  From my experience, there's not too many pictures of food items on a menu that look exactly like the plate you will inevitably be served at a restaurant.  However, my serving of  "OMSP" looked pretty darn close to the picture on the Old Chicago menu.

If you're not a fan of cheesy, rich, pasta goodness, and Old Chicago someday brings this item back, then don't bother trying this dish.  However.. I'm thinking most won't have this aversion to something so delicious.

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