Jan 9, 2017

Bathroom humor - clever retro sayings for bowel movements

Back in my day.. it seemed like our grandfathers, dads, uncles, and older brothers, had an endless array of ingenious terminology for going number two.  Here's the top ten I've heard over the years that particularly stand out the most in my mind ..

Evacuating the premises
Laying a brick
Paying the band
Brown bear exiting his cave
Dropping your guts
Spray painting the porcelain
Releasing the hounds
Releasing a sewer snake
Dropping the kids off at the pool
Growing a tail

And this is just a short list!  There's many more (some of which I can't repeat here).  Perhaps I'll post some more subdued phrases here at some point.


  1. We has a few as well,

    Laying some cable
    (If you fart) Baking Brownies
    Making room for the new tenant
    Launching the big brown torpedo
    Dropping a deuce
    Dropping the bomb
    Gonna go burn a match
    Gonna make like a play doh factory
    Gonna pave the Hershey highway
    Squeeze out a tootsie roll.
    Rattle the seat

    That's the ones I can remember off the top of my head, we had a lot more. (We had no cable or internet, what else are we gonna do.)

    1. HA! Some good ones!! VERY witty (for no internet and cable) LOL


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