Aug 8, 2016

Heart warming thrift store finds..

I hate having to peruse thrift stores in a rushed fashion, but it can't be helped sometimes.  Here are some great finds I came across during a whirlwind retro treasure hunt one day. While I didn't buy every item pictured, I still found a couple bargains and spotted a few retro items that made me reminisce.

unused CRAIG handheld tape recorder $1.99

A technological device that has been far removed from society as of late.  There are many applications that this can be used in this day and age (I just need to find them).  My kid in college may be able to use this for recording lectures, and I might be able to utilize it if I interview anyone for a blog piece.

0.50¢ for a Frankie Yankovic polka album!

Rich and soulful Oktoberfest tunes!

 1974 Avon Barber pole cologne decanter $1.99

originally held 3 ounces of 'Wild Country' aftershave

70's Nut jar

70's Handmade coaster set.

I remember all kinds of folks being pretty crafty back in the day.  It's something that has made a comeback in recent years, and is pretty refreshing to see.  Heck.. my daughter is making her own jewelry, crocheting hats & head bands, and is getting ready to open her own Etsy store to sell her items in.

This item reminded me of the days when I had my own calligraphy and stationary sets as a kid.  This 'Gift-Maker' textile decorating paint set is just an example of how much more creative and artistic folks strived to be back in the day.  With this kit, you could create beautiful designs on aprons, purses, handkerchiefs, gloves, and all kinds of other clothing.

I collect beer steins, and my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw this mug.  Alas.. upon further inspection, it was made in Brazil rather than in Germany.

And finally, while it's not a retro item.. I found this Game-Boy Advance for 99 cents.  I wasn't sure if it worked or not, but seeing as there was a game cartridge still inside of it, I figured it was worth the gamble.

I got it home and put batteries in it to find it worked perfectly.  All I needed to do was buy a battery compartment door for it.  The door will cost me more than the unit and game cost, but in the end.. I'll only be into this thing for under $5.00.  Pretty good deal considering I've paid $50.00 for a used system with no game in the past for my daughter!

Not a bad outing, even though I was a bit rushed.  It's when I'm able to take my time in thrift stores and flea markets that I can really uncover some great finds.  Hopefully my next outing will produce even better results.

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