Dec 3, 2015

Retro goodness abounds on my last thrifting and flea market excursion..

I saw some great stuff during my last retro treasure hunt in the local thrift stores and flea markets.  A lot of it brought back some great memories.  Behold..

 GIZMO! Pure 80s pop culture goodness

Vintage Pluto Drinking glass 
I've always liked the old style shabbier looking Pluto

Men's Grooming set
There was a time when just about every male owned one of these.

Mid 80s TV Guide

Hey.. that cat in the middle looks like MARIO

Muffet the Daggit Battlestar Galactica action figure
I had one of these little guys back in 1978

Reba McEntire album
Dig that perm!

Harper Valley P.T.A. was a mega hit back in 1968.  There was also a follow up song made in 1981 that didn't do much on the charts.  The original song was the inspiration for a 1978 movie, as well as a 1981 television series starring Barbara Eden.

This reminds me of a time when about all of my friends had cookie jars in their houses.  We could make the rounds of all our buddies homes in the afternoon, and get our fill of cookies before dinner without Mom ever being the wiser!

Wild Wild West lunchbox

This was one of me and my brother's absolute favorite western shows when we were kids.  My wallet almost became a heck of a lot lighter when I found this lunchbox.  However.. the overall condition of the lunchbox and absence of a matching thermos was a deal breaker for me.

Even though I bought very little on this excursion, it's always worth going if for no other reason than the memories that get stirred up.  Until next time..  Keep thrifting my friends!

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