Jun 21, 2015

The Carl's Jr. "Most American Thickburger" may be one of the most American food items I've ever eaten

I've been meaning to try the Carl's Jr. "Most American Thickburger" ever since its arrival on the fast food scene recently.  Therefore, when Carl's Jr. reached out to me with an offer to sample one in  exchange for my thoughts in the form of a review, I emphatically responded with a "Heck Yeah!!"

Here's exactly what you're working with, in regards to the wonder that is the Carl's Jr. Most American Thickburger..

This great burger unites three popular American picnic foods together on one bun: a split hot dog and crunchy Lays® Kettle Cooked Potato Chips atop a charbroiled 100 percent Black Angus hamburger patty, along with a slice of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard, served on a Fresh Baked Bun.

The chief marketing officer of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Brad Haley, couldn't have summed it up better when he said “Nothing is more American than a summertime cook-out with grilled burgers and hot dogs served with potato chips; three classic American favorites that taste great on their own but we thought they might just taste great together, too.”

I opted for the 1/3 pound version of this burger, but they are also available in 1/2 pound versions as well.  I made sure to take a real big bite, so as to get a piece of every ingredient packed into this eighth wonder of the world.  I've got to say that it immediately took me back in time to weekends when my Old Man would load the barbecue grill up with hot dogs and hamburgers.  I would always get one hot dog, one hamburger, and a fist full of potato chips to stuff them with.  I would then proceed to alternate bites between my fully loaded burger and hot dog until both were gone.  Eating this burger was as close as I've ever been to that experience since.  Heck, by all rights, it was as if the Most American Thickburger served as my own personal time machine.

As for this burger's mechanics, every ingredient played off of the other perfectly.  The Angus patty was incredibly good, and the toppings were super fresh.  The fresh baked bun was a great as well, and held up pretty well seeing as it was thrown on the grill to crisp up a bit, as you can see in the picture above. What really kicked the burger into high gear was the hot dog, and of course those crunchy Lays® Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  The chips stayed crispy to the very last bite (something I never experienced with the potato chips of old)

All in all, this was the epitome of fun summer food, and was about as American as you can get in regards to burgers.  I truly hope Carl's Jr. keeps this burger around for quite some time, or at the very least.. will bring it back every summer.  I highly recommend it, and urge you to try it out.  If you do, make sure to go to the Carl's Jr. Website to get a $1.00 off coupon! 

A big thanks to Carl's Jr. for reaching out, and facilitating my review by springing for a free burger.  Thanks Carl!  For more info on their company and other news, check out www.carlsjr.com and make sure to follow them on  FacebookTwitter and Instagram 

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  1. Man! That burger looks delicious! There's not a Carl's around me, so I might have to get cooking + make some thickburgers on my own. :D


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