Mar 31, 2015

My Old Man's vintage gas can... some things never change

I was mowing the lawn for my parents not too long ago, and this is the gas can I used to fill the mower with..

I began using this very can at the age of ten when I inherited the chore of lawn mowing from my older brother.  It's a five gallon military gas can (or Jerry Can) that my old man has owned since before I was born.  That dates this thing at the very least from the 1960s, but may even be from the 1950s.  If I remember right, it has a date stamped on the bottom, but I didn't even think about checking it. 

It's funny, I never remember struggling to lift this can back in the day.  This time however, the can was plum full, and it wasn't very enjoyable to fill the lawnmower with.  My Dad is over 70 now, and totes this thing around no problem.  He's stayed  pretty active during retirement, and obviously it's served him well.

I need to get one of these Jerry Cans.  Mainly because they are a way cool retro item, but also because I now feel like I've gotten soft using my dinky two gallon plastic gas can.  They do make replica or reproduction Jerry Cans, but I'd bet money this baby would still outlive any of those new cans.

Good old Dad.  A visit to his garage is the closest thing to going back in time that I will probably ever experience.

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