Feb 23, 2015

Wanted one as a kid.. still want one today. (The Millennium Falcon)

I saw this at Toys-R-Us last year, and was immediately transported back to 1977..

2013 Millennium Falcon with retro packaging

I truly coveted this toy when I was seven years old!  I must admit that if I had an extra $250.00 lying around, I would have been toting one of these home with me.  My Mother bought me all manner of Star Wars action figures and ships from 1977 to 1983.  She spent so much time hunting for the plastic gold, that she actually started becoming  a Star Wars toy expert in her own right!

 1977 packaging

The Millennium Falcon was always my holy grail of STAR WARS toys, but it cost a pretty penny back in 1977 as well (around $25.00 - $35.00).  Considering that you could fill up your car with gasoline for about ten dollars.. thirty bucks was a good chunk of change.  Even at a young age I understood the value of a dollar, so I never begged my Mom to buy me one.

STAR WARS was my life as a kid, and I have a lot of great memories from those years.  I have some STAR WARS items in my collection today, but nothing that could hold a candle to the stockpile of items I had back in the 70s.  I've thus far kept from going crazy and buying all kinds of STAR WARS items, but I find myself as of late feeling the strong urge to buy back some of my youth.  It's like some kind of strange force (pun intended) is coaxing me to do so.

Who knows.. with the new movies coming out, the hype and excitement very well might have me spending some of my hard earned clams on the franchise once again.

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