Feb 1, 2015

Retro Swiss Miss instant Cocoa packaging

Check out the wicked cool Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa packaging I picked up recently.  The limited edition throwback art, took me right back to when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s.

 Current Swiss Miss Packaging
(Not quite as rich and unique as the old timey designs)

While I remember the box design changing through the years, I used to always dig the Swiss looking typeset used for the logo, the box's border design, and of course that little claymation Swiss girl that would happily yodel and sing the Swiss Miss jingle.

If you never had the pleasure of seeing the commercials, or just need your memory jogged, you can check out an old commercial below..

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  1. I was drinking and liking the "Limited Edition" Swiss Miss until just recently when it was replaced by a new container design and a cocoa mix that doesn't taste as good. I'm wondering if the new stuff is loaded with GMO's and that's the reason for the taste difference. Who knows. Trying to find a good product anymore is very difficult and about the time I do, it changes.


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