Dec 3, 2014

Adventures in Retro Treasure Hunting

This is a post I'm moving over from my old site.  It pertains to one of my favorite hobbies.. retro treasure hunting!  The pictures below are from an excursion earlier this year.  A lot of the items I came across had me reminiscing and feeling nostalgic to no end.  Hopefully some of them will have the same effect on you.

A great roadside attraction pennant featuring Robbie the Chimp.. obviously a staple at Ghost Town in Idaho.  Not sure if "Ghost Town" still exists, but it reminds me of countless tourist traps that I begged my parents to stop at during family road trips we took when I was a wee lad.

Kit Cat clocks!  I wanted one of these so bad as a kid.

Casper Board Game from 1959

It had been years since I'd seen one of these

Meat Grinders Galore

Hot water bottle just like Grandma used to have.

I used to see a lot of Nick Knacks like this growing up.

 The Magical Burger King - circa 1970s

The stuff nightmares are made of

 1950's Goodyear Highway Patrol Bike

Awesome Kitschy Florida Souvenir

Awesome Hawaiian Shirt

Loved it even more..
 when I found hidden Disney characters in the print!

Great Zenith AM radio

More wicked cool radios

 Ceramic Whiskey jug

Polynesian Wahine and Menehune sculptures

2 liter German Beer Stein.  I so wanted to buy this, but didn't have nearly enough clams on this particular day to do so.

This Stein was a steal at $4.00 
and ended up making its way home with me

1960s Bonanza Ponderosa Ranch tin cup

A couple of really old bikes.  I'm such a bike geek, that I didn't notice the creepy statues in the background until I looked at the picture more closely before uploading it.  I have the Doctor Who TV Series to thank for giving me the heebie jeebies when I see "statues" like this now.

A 1960s metal sign.  This is a legitimate sign and not a reproduction or novelty piece.  Kind of funny and morbid at the same time huh?

That's it for now.  Rest assured I will be posting more pictures from my next retro treasure hunt right here.  (hopefully sooner than later).

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