Oct 14, 2014

Vintage Vegas matchbooks

Apart from Vegas, are complimentary matchbooks still readily available these days?   I used to have quite an impressive matchbook collection as a small child, because virtually every business gave away free matchbooks displaying their logos.  Here are a couple of the oldest matchbooks from my personal collection..

Ah yes.. The Sands hotel!!  This is where my favorite performers of all time "The Rat Pack" used to perform back in the 60's.  The Sands was demolished in 1996 to make room for the Venetian resort.


Here's the back side of the matchbook.  I love how the  moddern architecture and styling of the cars from this era were captured in the artwork. 

My favorite matchbooks are the ones with artwork inside the cover.  This Sands matchbook even has artwork on the matches themselves!

The Fabulous Nevada Club

An old map of Freemont Street!

I have some more vintage matchbooks tucked away somewhere, and will display them later in the week, so stay tuned..

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