Oct 22, 2014

Recycled Cycles - my favorite bicycle shop in Northern Colorado

by Darrin Vindiola

Not too long ago, my bride and I stepped out for a leisurely stroll about town in Fort Collins Colorado, and one of my first stops was Recycled Cycles.  I often pop in to peruse their used parts section for different bike projects I'm usually up to my elbows in.  On this particular day however, I stopped in to be nosy and admire their stock.  (Hope they didn't mind).  Here's some pictures to give you an idea of what Recycled Cycles has to offer..

 Ladies one speed Schwinn 'Collegiate'
a steal at $149.00

 Men's Schwinn 'Speedster' Cruiser

 Beautiful Schwinn Cruiser Trike
Dig that nifty BEER err.. "Drink" holder built into the frame!

Schwinn Beach Cruiser Tandem
My bride has been bugging me forever to get a tandem bicycle for us.  If there is one model I would definitely consider buying, it's this Schwinn Cruiser tandem.  Style and comfort complete with a seven speed hub, and two cool "drink" holders.

Now that's what I call a FAT tire bike!

My favorite section of the store..

Vintage bikes galore!

I MUST get some of these grips for my bike!

Schwinn 'Fritz Flyer' and 'Apple Krate' reproductions

And it's not just vintage and retro bikes that Recycled Cycles sells. They also carry mountain bikes, road bikes, exercise bikes, heck.. even bamboo bikes.  There is a bike to fit any persons need or interest, and if you're ever in Fort Collins, do yourself a favor and stop in and visit them.

I had an incredibly great time during this visit, and it must have showed.  My bride looked at me as we were leaving and said "You are so happy right now.  Maybe you should be working in a bike shop."  I told her I had indeed given it some thought, but since my passion lies within beach cruisers, vintage, and retro bikes, I'm not sure how marketable or relevant I could be in the field.

My personal projects and bike builds keep me happy, and who knows.. maybe someday I'll be able to parlay that into something more.  I'm just glad there are shops out there like Recycled Cycles that help to keep my passion alive and burning.


  1. Recycled cycles...roll on! I can hear the jingle clear as day in my head!

    1. Thanks! Now it's in MY head!! LOL That jingle has been around forever!!


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