Jun 23, 2018

Rosie's Fried Green Tomato Sammich at DIsney's Hollywood Studios

Nestled in the back of Sunset Ranch Market on Sunset Boulevard in Disney's Hollywood Studios, sits Rosie's All American Cafe.  I got off of work early the other afternoon, and decided to hit the park to do some shopping.

I had skipped lunch and was quickly on the verge of getting "Hangry", so I made myself stop to get some fuel.  Having wanted to try Rosie's Fried Green Tomato Sandwich for quite some time, I ordered one up.  At $9.99, it definitely did not break the bank, and was served with a heaping helping of hot fries.

This beauty sported Fried Green Tomatoes topped with JalapeƱo Ranch Dressing, Pepper Jack, Red Tomatoes with Arugula on Ciabatta Bread.  It really did look and taste like something you would get in a nice sit down restaurant.

The sandwich was indeed as good as it looks.  Freshly made, the fried green tomatoes were piping hot, and the arugula and red tomato cold and crisp.  The only fault I could find with this sandwich, was with the jalapeno ranch.  Mind you.. the sauce was great, but I feel the sandwich just needed more of it.  The Ciabatta bread was nice and dense, so that combined with the breading of the fried green tomatoes, made for a bit more dryness that I normally don't like in a sandwich. 

But fear not! This problem can be simply remedied with your choice of spreads from the condiment bar nearby.  The condiment bar offers several options, so adding some mayo or hot sauce is a nice touch you can pull off yourself.  I opted to mix these two with just a wee bit of ketchup, concocting a spicy spread which nicely complimented the sandwich.  Of course.. you could ask for extra jalapeno ranch, which is what I might do next time.

So in closing, Rosie's Fried Green Tomato Sandwich is a tasty, affordable and super filling sandwich that will calm any "Hangry" beast very quickly.  I myself am a huge fan, and can't wait to enjoy another one very soon.

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