Apr 15, 2016

1970s and 80s thrift store flashbacks

During my retro treasure hunts, I often come across all manner of items that bring me right back to my youth.  Check out the abundance of groovy 70's, and awesome 80's goodness I came across in the recent past..

Westclox alarm clock made in the good ol' USA.  This technological wonder features a dimly back lit orange face for easy nighttime viewing, snooze button, and second hand.  I couldn't resist, and had to buy it.

 Cool ceramic bank. (perfect for my kiddo's)

Coffee mugs that reminded me of ones my grandma had

Wild Mushroom mugs that many folks owned in the 70's

 Old wooden sign circa 1975. It reminded me of signs

my old man decorated his barber shop with.

I remember tons of folks owning souvenir wooden clogs from Holland in the 70's and 80's.  Interestingly enough, this pair has some considerable wear on the soles!

An old filmstrip projector like the ones used in schools during the 70's and 80's.  I remember some teachers letting their favorite student's operate the machines for them, while they would grade papers, read, or sometimes nap.

It's not every day you run across a Rick Springfield 8-Track!


What say you?