Feb 17, 2016

Retro model kits currently on store shelves

It does my heart good to see so many retro model car kits coming back, complete with original box art.  I saw these recently at Hobby Lobby..

 I actually put together the General Lee model back around 1984.

This one made me laugh.  It's funny how something that was scoffed at years before, can now be totally endearing.

 The ECTO-1 looks like a fun model to put together.

 I believe my brother put this model together in the 70s

 The Meyers Manx
A very popular model and Hot Wheels design back in the day.

This one takes me back to the days when the masses wanted to customize and travel the country in their tricked out vans.

 Grandpa's DRAG-ULA and the Munster Koach
Wanted these as a kid.. still want them today!

Seeing these makes me want to get back into model kit building again.  I may buy a couple of these kits, even if its just to display the great looking boxes on my shelves.


  1. Great post, and great blog too man. Thanks for sharing. I'm a 70s kid too, and it was great. Trying to make it great for my kids now. Cya, Chuck

    1. I hear ya man. It's fun introducing your kids to old school stuff. My daughter has an 8track and cassette player set up in her room that she's Gaga over. Makes an old man proud. LOL


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