Feb 26, 2016

Old Cracker Jack toys you'll never see produced again

I was perusing eBay recently for collectibles, and there were several Cracker Jack toys that caught my attention.  You'd never see the kinds of Cracker Jack toys I loved so much as a kid in this day and age.  Why you ask?  Well.. there were all manner of small toys, trinkets, charms, and collectibles that served as the inbox prizes.    If a kid were to eat or swallow one of those prizes, the lawsuit that would surely ensue could really hurt a company.  Even if the company prevailed, the legal fees alone can still have quite a negative impact. 

Looking at some of the Cracker Jack toys from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, I can see how many of those toys would never be released today and not just because of possible legal ramifications.  Check out some of these old Cracker jack toys..

 Mini folding knives.  I would have loved to have these as a kid!

 Mini Gun charms

Mini pack of cigarettes

 Folding knife, Tobacco Pipe, and liquor bottle charms

 Kids Tattoo of a Bulldog smoking a pipe
kinda looks like a tattoo an old sailor would have

 Native American toy w/peace pipe

Native American toy performing war chant

El Diablo, Old Nick, Beelzebub.. aka the "Devil" charm

Revolver charm

 Gun Belt w/revolvers
would nicely fit any kids pinkie finger

I have a sneaking suspicion that a kid toting some of these items to school in this day and age would get sent home, if not suspended or expelled.  I find myself more than ever shaking my head and thinking "My.. how times have changed!"

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