Sep 30, 2015

The Florida Gulf Coast.. an Alligator and Kitsch enthusiasts dream

I had an absolute blast vacationing down South last year, and the merchandise I come across in Florida gift shops and stores never ceases to amuse me.   Ever since I was a kid, I've been amazed by Alligators.  I mean, after all.. these creatures roamed with the Dinosaurs, and I guess could even be called modern day dinosaurs in their own right.

Apart from the massive amounts of great Alligator items I saw last time around, there was also plenty of great Florida kitsch.  Check out some of these great items below..

 Happy Gator Wine Bottle holder

 Gator Hammock Seasonings and Spices
(Some of these came home with me)

Gator Letter Opener

Hand Blown Glass Gator Wine bottle stopper 

 Ceramic hanging signs

 Crafty Alligator toy

 Almost bought this just for the heck of it

Gator Toilet paper caddys

 Manatee Wine (or beer) holder

 Bought some of these, and they were delicious!

 Another near impulse buy

 Wicked looking Rattler Wine Bottle holder

I love hitting the souvenir shops and tourist traps in Florida.  If I come across any good finds next time I visit (and I know I will) I'll make sure to post more pictures here.

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