Feb 14, 2015

Back in 1970..

1970.. the year I was born.  Things have really changed since then, and below are a few examples of just how much, as well as some notable events that took place during that year...

Cost of living:

One gallon of milk cost $1.32

A loaf of bread cost .24 cents

A new automobile cost $2,500.00

A gallon of gas was .40 cents

A new home was $40,000.00

The average income was $8,933.00

  • Paul McCartney announces he's leaving the Beatles just prior to the band's release of their final album "Let it Be"
  • Surety National Bank in Los Angeles installs the very first ATM machines.
  • Element 105 Hahnium is discovered by scientists at UC Berkeley
  • Millions of Americans demonstrate in rallies across the country for Earth Day


The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series over the Reds in five games

The New York Knicks beat the L.A. Lakers in the NBA Championship

Brazil won the World cup in Mexico

Al Unser wins the Indy 500

A horse called Dust Commander wins the Kentucky Derby

The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl over the Minnesota Vikings 23-7

Popular music:

"ABC" - The Jackson Five

"American Woman" - The Guess Who

"Close to you" - The Carpenters

"Let it Be" - The Beatles

"Mama told me" - Three Dog Night

"Venus" - Shocking Blue

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