Feb 12, 2015

A 70s grooming retro flashback

I was getting ready for work one morning recently, and suddenly experienced deja vu when I looked down and saw this..

My old man used all of these items for his daily grooming regimen in the 70s and 80s.  It sounds funny, but it didn't dawn on me until this week that I use the same exact items as he did all those years ago. 

Clubman Talc
Made by Pinaud, Clubman talc has been around since 1810.  Like baby powder, talc helps to control moisture as well as dry and itchy skin.  It also works great to tame a shiny face, and hides nicks and blemishes quite well.  My old man used to abundantly stock this talc in his barber shop, and there was always a bottle or two in the house as well.  I started using it at a pretty young age, and have never stopped.

Aim Toothpaste
Aim came on the scene in 1975.  I really dig the screw off cap which can almost be called retro in its own right these days.  I've never liked the flip cap toothpaste tubes, as they tend to get gunked up pretty easily.

Old Spice
I've loved the smell of Old Spice since I was a young boy.  However, I could never bring myself to use it due to the popular stigma that old guys like Dad's and Grandpas were the only men who should wear it.  I bought a bottle last year for old times sake, and realized two things.  One.. I still love the smell of Old Spice.  And two.. it does an excellent job of doing exactly what it's meant to do, which is closing your pores effectively, and guarding against irritation and infection from cuts.  As for the stigma that Old Spice is for old dudes, kids and twenty something's think of me as old anyway.. so what do I care?

Shaving Mug and soap
I've abandoned using canned shaving cream and have switched back to mug soap. The point of using the old mug and brush method is to lift the stubble from your face, so the lather can better soften it. The bristles on the brush also help to clean dirt, sweat, and grime from your pores.  The whole process is very effective at helping to give you a nice clean shave.

Gillette adjustable Razor
When I say these items are the same ones my old man used to utilize, I mean it quite literally with my razor.  This very razor used to belong to my Dad, and he gave it to me when I was 15.  It took some adjustment time when I switched from using a five blade disposable, but my face adapted in about one weeks time.  I also laugh all the way to the bank, because a three to four month supply of blades only costs about $1.50!

These products have all been around for about as long as I remember, and I've always had good experiences using them.  My familiarity with the products due to growing up with them, I'm sure in part has something to do with why I'm so committed to using them.  I very well may have to write another article discussing what other lifelong commitments to products I still have.

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