Jan 2, 2015

Retro Dad trick #221.. "The snack decoy"

With a family of five, it's a safe bet that somebody in my household, may be hungry at any given moment.  During the course of my trip through fatherhood, I've developed a few tricks to ensure Daddy-O is never lacking in the morning, afternoon, or midnight snack area.  Here is one trick that's worked particularly well for me over the years..

1.) Pick out any random food package.  
(the less appealing the food is to young folks.. the better!)

2.) Hide your favorite snacks within the package.  
VoilĂ ! A decoy to preserve your "Dad Snacks" for emergencies.

By chance.. your brood may get suspicious or wise to this trick, so it may behoove you to be a little more sneaky err.. creative.  A simple way around this problem, is by further camouflaging your snacks as shown above.

The snack decoy trick has always worked well for me personallyJust don't tell my kids, or bride!

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