Aug 28, 2014

The funny retro catchphrase.. eeeYesssssssssssss?

If you've ever listened to old time radio shows or watched 1950's, 60's, 70's, and 80's television, you just might recognize this catchphrase regularly uttered by actor Frank Nelson.  Nelson was a very funny actor who was anchored deeply in television and radio throughout the decades of the 1940's through the 80's.  I do realize that his name and signature catchphrase may not be immediately recognizable to many in this day and age.  Therefore, I feel it my duty to jog your memory.

Growing up I remember this cat being everywhere.  He always had cameo roles on popular sitcoms that would make you laugh your head off.  He'd usually play the part of a store employee, manager, or a similar character.  When someone would ask for his help, he'd turn around and belt out his signature catchphrase.. "eeeYesssssssss?"  It was at this point, when the audience would let out a thunderous applause and roars of laughter.  His unexpected and sudden appearances were perfectly timed, and because everyone knew who this guy was, the cameos were immediately funny!  But it didn't end there.  After the eeeYesssssssss.. he'd then commence to antagonizing his "victim" for the duration of his appearance with condescending and snarky one liners.

Still don't remember Frank Nelson?  Here's some videos that may jog your memory..

Frank on Sanford and Son (4 scene montage)

Frank tormenting Jack Benny..

Other shows you may remember seeing or hearing Frank Nelson in are.. I Love Lucy, The Addams Family, and The Jetsons.  If you watch Looney Toons, you will occasionally hear characters mimicking Frank Nelson's famous eeeYesssssssssssss.  Also, I swear I've heard actors mimic his catch phrase in movies and television over the years. 

Frank Nelson passed away in 1986 and sadly is no longer with us, but his voice and quirky character will be making audiences laugh for years to come.

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