Aug 29, 2014

Older is better. Example #124.. restaurant logos

Here's an old article I wrote a few years back at my old site "Dad's Dish".  I decided to recycle the article for use here, as I transfer some of my old content over to this site.  Enjoy..

I hate change.  Not all change mind you, but like my father and grandfather, I'm from the school of.. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".   On that note, here's a few retro food logos I sorely miss..

Jack in the Box retro Logo..


Retro Burger King Logo


Old Taco Johns Logo..


Retro Pizza Hut Logo..


Retro Kentucky Fried Chicken Logo..

New "KFC" Logo..

I'm not trying to take anything away from these new logos, but I prefer the old ones hands down. Each of these businesses were trail blazers in their own right, and they offered products that were unique all unto themselves. It stands to reason that their respective logos and branding needed to be just as unique.

The blood sweat and tears were already put into the first generation designs of these logo's. Since then, they've been repeatedly tweaked and redesigned into what you see today. There's no doubt the new designs are bold and catchy, but to me.. the old logos to just seem to have more character and uniqueness.

The only logo out of this group that I'm unhappy about, is the Kentucky Fried Chicken logo. For some reason the Colonel looks excessively streamlined, which results in some fading of his character. Folks who grew up when the Colonel was alive know what I mean. He was a kind southern gentlemen who simply wanted you to enjoy his chicken. The Colonel was a hero to young and old alike, and he was an absolute real person! If you were born after 1980.. do yourself a favor and watch some old Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials on the You-Tube that young kids like to use so much, to get a sense of who the Colonel was.

I realize that this is all personal preference on my part. Being the retro buff that I am, my opinions are definitely biased. However.. I've got a sneaking suspicion that there are many more people out there who also miss seeing these older logo's.

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