Jun 24, 2019

New 90s throwback Igloo coolers

Check out these fine pieces of 90s retro goodness my friends..


Limited Edition 4 Qt Cooler

Now if you know me, you know that I'm a sucker for throwback merchandise.  When it comes to products that fondly stir up memories from the past.. I'm even quicker to throw my money at them.  The coolers above would've been no exception when I stumbled upon them last month, except for one main reason.. I simply don't need another cooler.

I already own a few Igloo coolers from the 90s.  Bonafide vintage Igloo coolers and not reproductions! As a testament to Igloo.. there are absolutely no signs of them wearing out or breaking down anytime soon. Check em' out..

Meet "Iggy" my 20-something year old igloo cooler that works every bit as good as the first time I used it on a weekend camping trip.  Some of you folks out there may remember a time when banks used to compete for your business on a more personal level.  They would run promotions and offer you a choice of various gifts to choose from, if you'd open an account with them.  This is how "Iggy" came into our lives back in 1992.  I'm so glad we passed on the plastic flashlight set that we almost chose over this cooler!

We've used this cooler for countless road trips, camping trips, back yard parties, visits to the beach, Drive-In Movies, parks, lakes, etc.  It's taken all sorts of tumbles, falls, bangs, and bounces, yet keeps coming back for more, its one and only desire.. to keep our food and drinks cool.

Other igloo coolers I own
(dig those awesome 90s color schemes!)

My Dad owned a big red and white Igloo cooler like the larger cooler you see in the picture above.  When I started a family and needed a large yet compact cooler to lug about amusement parks and picnics, I opted to buy the same exact cooler my Dad loved so much (albeit in the hip 90s colors of teal, white and pink.  When I needed a lunch box for work, I bought a smaller version in dark purple, neon green and white.

Now some 25 years later.. they're all still in excellent working condition with no signs of breaking anytime soon.  My igloo coolers are definitely a throwback to when things were made to last.  Igloo was one of those brands I chose to spend my money on, because my old man always admired their performance and durability.  I wouldn't be surprised if my kiddo's end up being Igloo fans for life as well.

See Igloo's Throwback collection of coolers Online

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