Mar 15, 2018

A replacement for the discontinued Hostess Cherry Sweet Rolls

Remember these rolls?  Well I sure do.  In fact, they were a big part of my childhood growing up.  I can't count how many times my Mom would put these out for people she would invite over for coffee, or for visitors after dinner.  On weekends, my Dad would get up early to buy a newspaper, and would bring these home for us as a snack before breakfast.  And that tradition carried on for myself when I became an adult.

Everything about these rolls are still so very vivid in my mind.  The wax paper tray that surrounded the rolls.. the smell of the bread and cherries as you cracked open the package, the thick white icing on top of the rolls, and of course the great tasting rolls themselves.  Like so many other Hostess snack cakes, they have been discontinued in recent years.  This was one casualty of the brand that deeply saddened me.  You never like to see something you love and grew up with, simply just fade away.  Case in point.. Toys R' Us!  How many of us feel like part of our childhood just died?

Now if you've seen any of my YouTube snack cake videos, you know that Hostess has disappointed me on so many levels as of late, that Tastykake is fast becoming my favorite line of snack cakes.  So my heart skipped a beat when I spotted these Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls in the supermarket!

Could they be as good or better than the old Hostess Cherry Sweet Rolls?  I had to find out!  Nostalgia overtook me when I opened the package and the smell of the cherry filling and yeast leavened sweet bread hit me. That same type of soft wax paper tray even held the rolls tightly together just like the Hostess packaging used to.

As for the taste.. it was very similar with one exception.  That being, the white icing atop all of the rolls.  Tastykake opted to use a layer of glaze on these sweet rolls.  Hostess had that thick white icing that was very sweet, messy, or if getting close to the sell by date.. crunchy or brittle.  Hostess Sweet Rolls were definitely always better when heated up prior to serving.  A quick warm up would get that icing softened up and melted into the cracks and crevices of the sweet roll.

I must admit.. while the icing helped the Hostess Sweet Rolls to be iconic in their own way, I really don't miss it.  The great taste of the Hostess Cherry Sweet Roll would tend to get lost in that vast sea of icing.  The Tastykake Cherry Sweet Rolls have the perfect balance of glaze, cherry filling, and sweet bread.  While they are wonderful warmed up, they are every bit as enjoyable if you eat them right out of the package.  It's quite obvious that Tastykake went for a quality, rather than just trying to be a copycat, and it shows through and through.

Once again, Tastykake has come through for me again, and.. has managed to replace a sorely missed snack cake staple in my household.   

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