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Jan 2, 2017

Old school snacking with Beer Nuts and Miller High Life

Do you ever feel the need to indulge in some old school snacking?  I often get the urge to do so quite often.  One such occasion was last summer when I was working in the garage on some of my old bikes.  I headed out to the liquor store with a faint idea of what I wanted to buy.  Some old school beer and snacks that dear old Dad used to enjoy, when he was working on weekend projects back in the 70s.

As soon as I saw this retro looking six pack of Miller High Life on the shelf, I knew I had to buy it.  When I was a boy, I remember my Old Man drinking Miller quite often, and nine times out of ten he'd be snacking on Beer Nuts all the while.  Therefore, when I saw the Beer Nuts on the shelf, I of course HAD to grab a can to take with me.

So how were they?  The Beer Nuts.. Excellent!  As for the Miller, well.. it was an interesting experience to drink it.  I'm used to primarily drinking full bodied beers and ales.  To me, Miller was kind of like drinking beer flavored water, but it didn't bother me very much.  Sometimes a beer is just a beer, and you aren't too particular about what you're drinking.  This was one of those times.

It was a beautiful summer day, and I was spending it in my garage engaging in one of my favorite hobbies.  The garage door was wide open, and I could hear the birds singing as I felt the warm breeze gently moving through the garage.  Being able to do something I love, had me totally DE-stressed and made my week.  Maybe my zen-like state was the reason I wasn't being such a beer snob on that particular day.  I was one with my bikes.. the weather.. the Beer Nuts.. and the beer!

There is one other possibility that just occurred to me however.  Is it possible that Beer Nuts can make ANY beer taste better?  Hmm.. sounds like this hypothesis is one that I may have to thoroughly test this summer.


  1. Sounds like a good idea and a nice day. =)
    I actually like the taste of Miller High Life and give into the urge to pick up a six'er every once in a while. A little goes a long way though. Can't drink it often.

    1. Yeah.. sometimes you just have to go old school, and nothing satisfies like the old stuff!

  2. Those are the peanuts with the skins on them, right? Me no like, LOL!

    1. Yeah.. I could do without the skins.. but the taste I LOVE!!


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